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Saturday, January 16th
Partly cloudy, no precipitation
Sunday, January 17th
Partly Cloudy, no precipitation
Monday, January 18th
Partly cloudy, no precipitation
Tuesday, January 19th
Partly cloudy, Timely light rain
Wednesday, January 20th
Partly cloudy, Without significant precipitation.

Weather forecast for Tajikistan

Activities of the Agency for Hydrometeorology in the field of hydrology.

 There are 98 hydrological posts for studying the hydrological regime of water bodies (rivers and lakes) and calculating the country's surface water resources in the Agency for Hydrometeorologyof the Committee for Environmental Protection under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, These hydro posts monitor the water level, water flow rate, water temperature, air temperature, as well as the state of water bodies.

The adoption of the UN resolution on the International Decade for Action "Water for Sustainable Development, 2018-2028", proposed by the Founder of Peace and National Unity, Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon, calls  us to use water resources, the best and most advanced technologies. Hydrometeorological data obtained at these gauging stations and will be submitted to the Agency, and after testing and processing, a description of the state of water content of the country's rivers will be prepared, which will be included in the daily hydrometeorological bulletin. Also, every decade and at the end of the month, the data obtained from the hydro posts are analyzed, and an overview of the ten-day and monthly water content of the country's rivers is compiled. an Acoustic Doppler Profiler (ADCP)modern equipment was purchased to improve the Agency's measurements. Results measurements of this instrument are processed by a special computer program

Figure 1. Measurement of water flow using a profilograph.

A special computer program "Rivers-Regime" was introduced for data processing, preparation and publication of the "Annual book of Hydrology" included in the State Water Cadastre of Surface Water Resources of Tajikistan.

 In the area of hydrological forecasting, a new methodology for assessing the accuracy of hydrological forecasts is being developed, and using this methodology, the accuracy of the forecasts is being evaluated. Currently, the Agency publishes the following weather forecasts: short-term (daily and decadal) forecasts, long-term forecasts (monthly, quarterly and for the growing season), warnings about water level rise and floods (from 1 to 3 days).

The MODSNOW model is used for remote monitoring of snow cover in the upper reaches of the country's river basins. This model processes data from the MODIS satellite and determines the area of snow cover over the river basin. Based on the data obtained, specialists will develop a method for predicting the monthly water consumption and forecasting water consumption for the growing season for the main rivers of the country. The Regional Information System and Analysis of Flood Risk Assessment (CARFFG) is also used, the main purpose of which is to provide real-time information on the risk of small flash floods. All these measures and other plans of the Agency for the development of the hydrometeorological sector will contribute to disaster risk reduction, climate change management and the development of sectors of the economy, including agriculture, water management, energy and transport.

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Today forecast

Bokhtar +15...+17°C
Dangara +15...+17°C
Darvoz +7...+9°C
Dushanbe +16...+18°C
Kulob +14...+16°C
Lakhsh +1...+3°C
Murgob -20...-18°C
Panjakent +16...+18°C
Panj +13...+15°C
Rasht +7...+9°C
Hovaling +15...+17°C
Hоrog -4...-2°C
Khujand +8...+10°C

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