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Weather forecast for Dushanbe

Thursday, November 14th
Partly cloudy, no precipitation, Fog
Friday, November 15th
Partly cloudy, no precipitation
Saturday, November 16th
Partly cloudy, no precipitation
Sunday, November 17th
Partly cloudy, no precipitation
Monday, November 18th
Partly cloudy, no precipitation

Weather forecast for Tajikistan

What meteorological elements determine the weather?



Air temperature is positive and negative. The point of separation between positive and negative air temperatures is 0 ° C, when the water freezes and turns into ice.


Humidity depends on the amount of water vapor in the air.

When the humidity is high in winter, we freeze more. And in the heat with high humidity it becomes stuffy.

 Clouds are the accumulation of tiny drops or crystals of ice in the atmosphere.


Precipitation - distinguish precipitation falling from clouds (rain, snow, ice rain, snow or ice groats, hail, snow grains) and released on the surface of the earth and objects (dew, hoarfrost, frost, ice).


Visibility is the limit distance beyond which the observed object merges with the background and becomes invisible.


Mists are the accumulation of water vapor condensation products in layers of air close to the earth's surface.


Atmospheric pressure is the pressure created by the weight of air.


Wind is the horizontal movement of air that is caused by the difference in atmospheric pressure.

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Today forecast

Bohtar +13...+15°C
Dangara +12...+14°C
Darvoz +11...+13°C
Jirgatal +6...+8°C
Dushanbe +13...+15°C
Kulob +12...+14°C
Murgob +2...+4°C
Penjikent +4...+6°C
Panj +13...+15°C
Rasht +10...+12°C
Harog +6...+8°C
Hovaling +9...+11°C
Нujand +12...+14°C



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