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Tuesday, January 25th
Partly Cloudy, no precipitation, Fog
Wednesday, January 26th
Partly Cloudy, no precipitation
Thursday, January 27th
Partly Cloudy, no precipitation
Friday, January 28th
Partly cloudy, Timely light rain
Saturday, January 29th
Partly cloudy, Short term raining

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Winter irrigation is a type of irrigation work on arable land, orchards and vineyards.

As a result of winter irrigation, soil salinity is reduced, the soil is better supplied with moisture, and microorganisms and pests are killed. For winter irrigation around the arable land shoals.

 Winter irrigation of arable land, orchards and vineyards in valleys and foothills in Tajikistan is usually carried out twice a year (December, February).

Due to low snowfall in the valleys and foothills of the country during the winter of 2021 and 2022, agricultural workers need to effectively use especially the winter period of 2022. In the third decade of January (January 21,24, 25, 26 and 27, 2022) due to the decrease of night temperature of atmospheric air, it is necessary to strengthen the work of frost, as this condition can preserve the reserve of moisture and prevent arable lands, orchards and vineyards from their early awakening.

According to experts and scientists, the use of winter irrigation has a number of positive aspects.

Such as:

- a winter irrigation plot promotes the leaching of excess soil salts;

- creates the necessary reserves of moisture in the soil and the root system of plants;

- winter watering is a good means of pest control. Cold water destroys both the insects themselves and the burrows with their eggs;

- in hot weather, winter watering prevents the early awakening of trees.

In many areas of Tajikistan, including valleys and foothills, irrigation activities should be carried out in a timely manner and on favorable days, as proper management of winter irrigation can lead to high yields of crops on arable land, orchards and vineyards.


Source: agrometeorology department of the Agency for hydrometeorology The Committee of Environmental Protection under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan

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Bokhtar +9...+11°C
Dangara +8...+10°C
Darvoz +4...+6°C
Dushanbe +8...+10°C
Kulob +9...+11°C
Lakhsh -3...-1°C
Murgob -7...-5°C
Panjakent +4...+6°C
Panj +8...+10°C
Rasht -3...-1°C
Hovaling +0...+2°C
Hоrog -5...-3°C
Khujand +6...+8°C

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