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In the period from 03-05/03 in the mountainous regions of DRS, on the southern slopes of the Gissar ridge and WGBAO, avalanches are possible.

Weather forecast for Dushanbe

Wednesday, March 3rd
Partly cloudy, Timely light rain
Thursday, March 4th
Partly cloudy, Timely light rain, Thunderstorm
Friday, March 5th
Partly cloudy, Short term raining
Saturday, March 6th
Partly cloudy, Short term raining
Sunday, March 7th
Partly cloudy, Timely heavy rain

Weather forecast for Tajikistan

Conducting a consultative seminar:

“Results of the Panj River Basin Water Resources Management Project” (additional funding) in 2020.

Consultative seminar "Outcomes of the Panj River Water Resources " (additional funding) in 2020 was held in the conference hall of the Agency for Hydrometeorology of the Committee on Environmental Protection under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan Management Project On February 26, 2021. The seminar was attended by representatives of ministries, committees and other organizations and departments of the country. The main purpose of the workshop was to assess the activities of the project "Water Resources Management in the Panj River Basin" (additional funding) in 2020, discuss and carry out plans for 2021.

Director of the Agency for Hydrometeorology Dustzoda D.S. opened the seminar and greeted the guests. He noted that today, in the process of increasing climate change on the planet, the implementation of structural projects is necessary and requires support. The implementation of the Panj River Basin Water Resources Management project in the field of meteorology, hydrology, agrometeorology and climate change contributes to the implementation of high-level measures to protect the environment.

Then the deputy head of the consulting company FCG A. Khomidov reported on the activities of the international company FCG in 2020.

Professor of the Institute of Water Problems, Hydropower and Ecology of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan Fozilov A.R. suggested that hydrological and hydraulic models be introduced in the Panj basin and other tributaries as far as possible.

Project Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist M. Muzaffarov and Gender and Social Development Specialist L. Yadgarova spoke about the project's activities, as well as a discussion was held between the participants and representatives of the Pyanj River Basin Water Resources Management Project.

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Bokhtar +16...+18°C
Dangara +15...+17°C
Darvoz +8...+10°C
Dushanbe +14...+16°C
Kulob +15...+17°C
Lakhsh +3...+5°C
Murgob -5...-3°C
Panjakent +10...+12°C
Panj +17...+19°C
Rasht +7...+9°C
Hovaling +10...+12°C
Hоrog +4...+6°C
Khujand +13...+15°C

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