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Use of Modern Water Flow Meter

To date, new modern devices include profilers are replacing the hydrometric flow meters. There are several types of profilers (Stream Pro, Rio Grande, River Ray, and others).

The Agency for Hydrometeorology has purchased the River Ray Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP), which will allow to measure water flow rates up to 5 m/s and a depth range from 0.4 m to 60 m. Using the profiler, specialists from the Agency's Hydrology Department regularly measure river water flow.

Fig. 1. Measurement of water discharge on the Obihingou River of the Yozgand station

 The measurement of water flow is processed using the licensed Win River II Software, which is supplied with the profiler.

Software for measuring water flow using the moving vessel method provides communication with the profiler via Bluetooth (reading, storing, viewing and visualizing data). During the measurement process, the profiler processes information in real time. When passing a watercraft on a water object the following information is received from the profiler projector to the laptop screen using special software:

– cross-section profile of the channel way,
– flow velocity,
– water discharge,

One of the most interesting products of the program for us is the cross-section profile of the river (Fig. 2). On the left profile there is the depth scale, units – meters, from below there is the distance scale from the shore, units are the same. The entire profile is divided into equal colored rectangles, the color shows the numerical value of the flow velocity (the color spectrum as a speed value is shown at the top of the profile, the unit of measurement is m/s).

Fig. 2. The cross-section profile of the Vakhsh River of the “Tigrovaya Balka” Wildlife Sanctuary station (dated 13.06.2020) 

Each dimension includes 4 transects (4 river crossings), information about which is averaged and reflected in the summary table. The summary table is another product of the Win River II program. From above it reflects the morphometric characteristics of the river channel (channel data):
– width of river,
– cross-section area of the river,
– average flow velocity,
– water discharge.

Due to its mobility and speed of information processing, the profiler allows you to measure water discharge at levels close to the maximum, which, in turn, is labor-intensive to do with a hydrometric flow meter. The measurement itself takes place in a very short time.



Source: Hydrology Department of the Agency for

Hydrometeorology of the Committee of Environmental

Protection under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan.

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