In spite of international efforts in regards to climate change, the growth of global greenhouse-gas emissions are in process, limitation of rise of temperature within 2°С becomes even more  complicated problem, the further growth of temperature can have negative impacts for the national economy, environment and population`s health. For the Republic of Tajikistan, this problem is the part of the everyday life, especially for poor and vulnerable groups of population suffered from the periodical extreme hydrometeorological events related to the climate change. Capacity in weather forecasting and earlier prevention of hydrometeorological and climatic events is critically poor. Therefore, disaster risk reduction and rapid response in vulnerable societies, as well as more wide efforts on increasing resilience to climate change are difficult for the country.

The National Determined Contribution of the Republic of Tajikistan under the UNFCCC and Paris Agreement gives preference to updating and modernization of hydrometeorological service as one of the key adaptation measures to the climate change.

Being aware of the future risks of the climate change  the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan applied to ADB and GCF, strategic partners on development, for support in transformation and modernization of National Hydrometeorological Service.

The Republic of Tajikistan has received an additional financing as a Grant proceeds from the Asian Development Bank (Grant No0576-TAJ (SF)) and Green Climate Fund (Grant No0577-TAJ (EF)) with the aim of the implementation of State Investment Project on Water Resources Management in Pyanj River Basin Project (PRB). The Project is intended to increase agricultural productivity in PRB and to improve forecasting efficiency through legal and organizational transformation of Hydromet and improvement of the quality of services regarding the prevention of extreme weather events in PRB and capacity building on effective management of water resources.

The Grant Agreement between the Republic of Tajikistan and the Asian Development Bank was signed on August 3, 2018.

Start of the Project: 07.03.2019

Completion of the Project: 30.06.2023 

Executing Agency: The Agency for Hydrometeorology of the Committee on Environmental Protection under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan. 

The purpose of the Project:

Modernization of the Agency for Hydrometeorology into sustainable and well-resourced agency, with the purpose of improving the forecasting of extreme weather events (floods) in the Pyanj River Basin. 

 Total Project Budget:

The total budget of the Project is USD12.6 million; share of the Asian Development Bank: Grant USD 6.5 million; share of the Green Climate Fund: Grant USD 5 million; contribution of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan USD 1.11 million.     

The Project consists of four components:

Component 1: Modernization of administrative complex/campus of Hydromet.

This modernization reflects the main Project input to the implementation of World Meteorological Organization's services strategy and the elements under the Global Framework for Services, directed for Climate Change. 

Component 2: Legal and organizational transformation of the Agency for Hydrometeorology.

Within this Project component, the following activities will be implemented:

  • Strengthening of legal status to increase profitability and self-management of the budget, which is formed due to additional income of the Agency.
  • Enhancing of the institutional base of the Agency for Hydrometeorology.
  • Improving quality control of services.
  • Building the management capacity of the Agency for Hydrometeorology. 

Component 3: Forecasting and warning of extreme weather events.

The following activities are planned under this component:

  • Capacity building for water resources management and information exchange of hydrometeorology in Pyanj River Basin.
  • Improving and expanding early warning capabilities (through modern modeling) of weather conditions for flood forecasting in pilot areas of Pyanj River Basin.
  • Installation of latest equipment for weather forecasting and warning system in Pyanj River Basin.
  • Development of a modern flood forecasting module for pilot areas.
  • Training of the Agency for Hydrometeorology staff and stakeholders in the districts on warning and forecasting floods system and preparedness for extreme weather events. 

Component 4: Marketing of fee-based Information Services of the Agency for Hydrometeorology.

The following activities are planned under this component:

  • Developing a market strategy (marketing) and building existing capacity.
  • Organization of subscriber’s platform, who use the services of the Agency for Hydrometeorology.
  • Development of information and preparation of forecasted Agency products, including in Pyanj River Basin.
  • Provision of free and fee-based services.
  • Improving the quality of information services.
  • Development of new products of the Agency for Hydrometeorology.

Project resources