Links and references

1. The Activities of the hydro meteorological organization

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

Federation service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (ROSHYDROMET)

Chinese Meteorological Administration

Japan Meteorological Agency

Hydro meteorological Service of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Switzerland Federation office of meteorology and climatology

The National Weather Service USA

Centre for Hydro meteorological service, The Ministry of Emergency situation of the Republic of Uzbekistan

 “KAZHYDROMET” ,The Ministry of  Environment protection, The Republic of Kazakhstan  

The Coordination Centre for the Climate Change in Kazakhstan

The Headquarters for Hydrometeorology (KIRGIZHYDROMET) of The Ministry of ecology and emergency situation of The Republic of Kirgizstan 

The State Meteorological Service of Moldova

2. International Ecological Conventions

UNFCCC-The United Nation Framework Convention on the Climate Change

The United Nation Convention for preventing desertification

Montreal Protocol for substances and destructive ozone layer

The United Nation Convention for biological diversity

The Framework Convention for wetlands of international importance and especially populated by waterfowl

Bonn Convention for protection the migration type of wild animals

Brazilian Convention for controlling Tran’s boundary movement of hazardous wastes and their remove

3. Environment and the Climate Change

Agency for Information “REGNUM”

The Company group “Climate”-the World news

Environment and Sustainable development I n the Central Asia and Russia

GISMETEO News on Weather in Russia and the World

Education for Sustainable Development

Information on Environment Protection

Ecological portal


Environment Protection 

.4, The activities of International Organization and The Research institute in environment protection fields


The United Nation Program on Environment

The intergovernmental experts group for the Climate Change

The Global Ecological fund

The United Nation Development program (UNDP)

Международный Фонд Спасения Арала

The International Fund for saving Aral Sea

 Potsdam Institute for studying impacts to the Climate Change

 The Information US office  for researching the global change

5 Others:

Tajikistan-2002. Environmental condition

Text of the Framework Convention

Text of Kyoto Protocol 

Reports on NHMS

New Web –site of The National Meteorological or hydrometeorological services those are member of WMO