ACTION " PROTECT OUR GLACIERS!

The founder of peace and national unity, the Leader of the nation-the President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon put forward the initiative from the international rostrum of the United Nations to announce The "international decade of action " Water for sustainable development", 2018-2028", which aims at rational use of water, provision of drinking water to the population at the national, regional and global levels.

It can be seen from the decision made by the President that under conditions of climate change, there is a shortage of drinking water at the national and regional levels. The melting of glaciers in the Republic of Tajikistan and other regions is a matter of concern and urges us to work in this direction together with international experts, organizations, ministries and the other international community to prevent their melting using advanced technologies. This problem is one of the most urgent problems of the 21st century, and the planet is currently facing difficult environmental conditions.

October 25 in the capital complex "Navruzgoh" on the initiative of the Chairman of the Committee for environmental protection under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan Gulmakhmadzod Davlatshoh Kurbonali held an action "Protect our glaciers", which was attended by representatives of the Ministry and departments, universities, schools and centers and departments of the Agency for Hydrometeorology. The event featured slogans on glacier protection, mock-UPS, industry-specific scientific and educational materials and achievements in the field of environmental protection.

The holding of this action obliges us in the future to raise awareness of the country's population in the field of environmental protection, climate change and the melting of glaciers, as well as to send youth in this spirit.

                                              Photo report on the campaign  Protect our glaciers!»