The second training and seminar tour on advanced training for specialists of the state meteorological networks of Khatlon region

On August 12-14, 2020, the Agency for Hydrometeorology, together with the "Water resources management in Panj river basin project (additional financing)", conducted the second raining and seminar tour with the participation of the heads of meteorological Networks in the Khatlon region in order to improve the qualifications of meteorological personnel. The workshop was sponsored by the "Water resources management in Panj river basin project (additional financing)", and Central Asia Hydrometeorological Services Modernization Project, Component C (Additional Financing), Component C.

The program of the seminar covered specific topics related to meteorological activities, during which reports and presentations were made by the management of the Agency, heads of centers, departments of the Agency, and new methods of working to strengthen meteorological activities were studied. At the seminar, in connection with the existing shortcomings in the areas of work, the factors that negatively affect the work process were analyzed, which is aimed at improving the work at the networks. The workshop was attended by the heads of 13 meteorological networks, 1 hydrological engineer and 1 communications engineer.