In cooperation with the Executing Agency, the future tasks were analyzed and discussed in order to effectively manage the Marketing Department of the Agency for Hydrometeorology. Considering that one of the components of the project implementation is the Marketing of the Agency for Hydrometeorology services, useful recommendations were made to improve the operational processes, administration management and future plans of the Department. As part of the marketing activities of the Agency for Hydrometeorology, a meeting was held between employees of the Marketing Department, consultants of the international company FCG and the Project Implementation Group. It was suggested that the Agency's Marketing Department should be staffed with qualified and experienced personnel, and that their training plans should be developed as part of the project. In order to strengthen marketing activities, the Marketing Management and Development Group was established, and two meetings were held with the Group during the reporting period, with the participation of Agency for Hydrometeorology staff and PIG specialists. At the suggestion of the Marketing Management and Development Group, a plan for preparing and implementing information activities was developed, and the Terms of Reference was agreed with the Asian Development Bank and the Executing Agency. Also, in accordance with the work plan, a contract was signed between the Agency for Hydrometeorology and the “Tcell” Mobile Company  for sending messages via SMS with meteorological data.