Meeting with SUE Loihakash”

In connection with the planning of construction works in the Agency for Hydrometeorology, several meetings were held with representatives of SUE “Loihakash”, where the issue of designing the main and ancillary buildings of the Agency for Hydrometeorology was considered. For this construction project, the management and working group of the Agency for Hydrometeorology provided useful recommendations and suggestions. It was recommended that main building and other ancillary buildings should be designed in accordance with modern urban planning requirements.

On June 10 of this year, at a regular meeting with the SUE “Loihakash”, the estimate and cost plan for construction facilities were analyzed and discussed by the Executing Agency. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) was provided with the necessary information about the cost plan for each part of the construction facilities for review and approval. On June 19, a video conference was held with the Asian Development Bank to review the construction cost plan.