Monitoring and Evaluation Consulting Training

As part of the implementation of the State Investment Project "Water Resources Management in Pyanj River Basin" (Additional Financing), on January 23, a meeting was held with the participation of employees of the Agency for Hydrometeorology, the Project Implementation Group and FCG consultants. Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist of the Project Implementation Group M. Muzaffarov, Head of the Environmental Monitoring Department of the Agency for Hydrometeorology S. Samiev and National Consultant of the International Consulting Company F. Saidov provided information on the Monitoring and Evaluation system, areas of performance assessment, their quality and reporting procedures for relevant agencies, on the Agency's existing experience in Monitoring and Assessment. The study of the Monitoring and Evaluation system will contribute to the timely assessment of planned works, their level and quality, implementation of plans, implementation of projects and strengthening the provision of the Agency's services.