Project Assistant Water Resources Management in Pyanj River Basin (Additional Financing)

Project Assistant

Project Name:

Water Resources Management in Pyanj River Basin (Additional Financing)

Source of finding:

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Grant Numbers:

G0576/G0577 -TAJ

Executive Agency:

Agency of Hydrometeorology 

Closing date:

19.12.2021, before 12 a.m., local time (GMT+5)

Job Title:  Project Assistant

Location: Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Type of assignment: Long-term

Opening Date: 06.12.2021 

Background: Additionally-financed ADB Project “Water Resources Management in Pyanj River Basin” in Dushanbe is looking for highly qualified, motivated and experienced candidate for the position of Project Assistant. 

The Republic of Tajikistan has received a Grant from the Asian Development Bank towards the financing of the Water Resources Management in Pyanj River Basin Project (Additional Financing). The project impact is improved climate resilience of agriculture and water resources sectors. The outcome of the overall project will be increased agricultural productivity and efficiency of forecasting services in the Pyanj River Basin (PRB). 

The Project will support the development of the Agency of Hydrometeorology of Tajikistan (Hydromet) into a sustainable and well-resourced institution, which produces timely and accurate climate and weather analysis and forecasts. The Project outcome will be reduced damage and mortality in Tajikistan from extreme climate change-related weather events. 

The Project Assistant will report to the Project Implementation Group Director and will work closely with the project team. The specific responsibilities of Project Assistant include the following duties: 

  1. Responsibilities: 

(i)                 Provide assistance work to PIG, PIC and EA in their daily communication and


(ii)              Provide secretarial work regarding keeping and updating all project documents, soft and hard copies;

(iii)            Responsible for translation all meetings and project documents from/to English,


(iv)             Takes minutes of internal and external meetings including filing; 

(v)               Printing of To-do list for Monday meetings (both English and Russian);

(vi)             Support and assist the PIG and PIC;

(vii)          Helps the management team to organize the activities of the project;

(viii)        Executes all secretarial duties independently;

(ix)             Administrative and logistics tasks;

(x)               Organization of Quarterly and Weekly Team meetings;

(xi)             Preparation of work plan and operational plan including weekly plan; Coordinate closely with other agencies and international donors in the strategic and day to day activities of the Project;

(xii)          To verify accordance of internal PIG documents with legislation requirement, and, if needed, visa them;

(xiii)        To assist PIG administration and other units in preparation and proper compilation of documents related to labor agreements, contracts and other legal relationships with various organizations, legal entities and individuals;

 b.         Qualifications

 (i)                 Advanced degree or qualifications in relevant discipline;

(ii)              Ideally 5 years of experience in implementation of projects or similar;

(iii)            Work experience in international projects, incl. ADB and WB projects preferred;

     (iv)      Proficiency in written and oral English and computer skills and experience with

               Microsoft Office applications (Word and Excel) will be preferred. He/she must

     have demonstrated good teamwork and communication skills.

 Interested persons should provide the following documents:

•          Resume (CV) both in Russian and in English

•          References (desirable from three sources)

•          Cover letter indicating the accurate vacant position by the e-mail below:  

 The deadline for submission of documents is December 19, 2021, before 12 a.m., local time (GMT+5). According to the results of the competition, the selected candidate, who received a high assessment, is hired for a probation period. Incomplete and not submitted packages of documents in due time are not considered.

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