Severe Weather and Flood Forecasting Models

On November 9-10, 2020, an online training on Flood Forecasting Models was conducted by Project International Consultant (Flood Forecasting Specialist). This session was attended by specialists from the Department of Hydrology and Glaciology of the Agency for Hydrometeorology. Presentations were made on the development of the HEC-HMS hydrological model, the selection of transformation and routing methods, the development of a meteorological model, and linking different data through the data manager. Also was presented the functionality of the HEC-RAS hydraulic model, including 1D modeling, 2D modeling, and joint 1D-2D hydraulic modeling capabilities.

The possibilities of using and applying the HEC-HMS hydrological model and the HEC-RAS hydraulic model for flood forecasting in the Kyzylsu and Yakhsu sub-basins of the Pyanj River Basin were discussed.

The project will include additional online sessions and trainings on implementing the Severe Weather and Flood Forecasting model at the Agency for Hydrometeorology.