Public authorities

Weather forecasting service

Modern and reliable provision of government agencies, business entities and the population with weather forecasts, warnings about the occurrence of natural hydro meteorological phenomena and climatic data are the equipping functions of the state institution of hydro meteorology. This information is necessary to mitigate the impact of natural disasters on the environment, to ensure the safety of the population, regular, accident-free and economical operation of transport, uninterrupted generation and optimal distribution of energy for building design of buildings and technical facilities, assessing climate change and etc.


Hydro meteorological services conducted by the state organization currently include preparation of not only hydro meteorological forecasts and warnings of hazardous natural weather events, but also the preparation of special forecasts for specific purposes and the provision of a wide range of climate data and other specialized information.


Hydro meteorological products provided by the state institution for hydrometeorology will help:

•         Choose the right strategy for economic development of the region, district, city, enterprise

•         Timely take preventive measures to prevent damage from adverse weather conditions and pollution of the environment

•         Rational use of water resources

•         Find the optimal solution for the design and construction of production facilities, residential areas and etc.

•         Improve the profitability of agricultural land

•         Protection of crops against hail

Main consumers of hydro meteorological products:

•         Authorities and management bodies

•         Emergency prevention and response agencies

•         Enterprises of the fuel and energy complex

•         Enterprises and organizations of industrial  the complex

•         Building organizations

•         Research institutions

•         Mass media

•         Agriculture

•         Insurance companies

•         Utility services

•         Road services

•         Commercial aviation

•         Railway transport

•         Automobile transport

•         Water management

•         Energetics