Bid Ivitations

Invitation to tender 26.07.2016
Id number: RHC-G/SH-13

Accepting applications

26.07.2016 – 26.08.2016

Delivery of equipment and software for thematic processing of space imagery materials (Uzgidromet)

Source of financing:
Grant № H677-7С

Invitation to tender 20.04.2016
Id number: TJ-G/NCB-01

Accepting applications

20.04.2016 –

Digitization of archive materials and hydro meteorological database formation Source of financing:

Source of financing:
SCF-PPCR Grant TF 099848; IDA Grant H 679- TJ

Request for prices 26.01.2016
Id number: TJ-G/SH-15

Accepting applications

26.01.2016 –

The hydro meteorological Modernization service Project in Central Asia,

Source of financing:
Grant МАР: H 679 –TJ Грант ППАК:TF 099848

Invitation to tender 21.01.2016
Id number: Identification number: TJ-G/NCB-02

Accepting applications

21.01.2016 – 30.11.1999

Modernization of hydro meteorological services in Central Asia

Source of financing:
PPCR Grant TF 099848; IDA Grant H 679- TJ

Invitation for Bids (IFB) 03.09.2015
Id number: RHC-G/ICB-06

Accepting applications

09.03.2015 –

Development of the Distance Learning System for the 4National HydroMeteorology Services(NMHS)

Source of financing: