Project Coordination Unit Assistant/Translator

Project Coordination Unit Assistant/Translator

Project Name:

Central Asia Hydrometeorology Modernization Project (Additional Financing), Component C

Start Date:

Closing Date:

Source of funding:


04.02.2022, before 5 p.m., local time (GMT+5)

World Bank (WB)

Grant Number:

Grant D3620-TJ

Executing Agency:

Agency of Hydrometeorology 



Job Title: Project Coordination Unit Assistant/Translator

Location: Dushanbe, Tajikistan

 Additional Financing for the Central Asia Hydrometeorology Modernization Project (AF for CAHMP), Grant D3620-TJ, is a continuation of the Central Asia Hydrometeorology Modernization Project to implement and expand activities related to the original Project. The AF CAHMP is regional and consists of three parts:

 (A) Regional Component (Component A) designed to strengthen the capacity in Central Asia for developing cooperation between participating NMHSs on the basis of EC-IFAS and its RCH, whose mandate is to promote cooperation and coordination between the national Hydromet agencies and facilitate integration of the network of CA Hydromet services; and two country-level components designed to improve capacity in the weakest NMHSs:

 (B) Improving hydrometeorological services in Republic of Kyrgyzstan (Component B); and

 (C) Improving hydrometeorological services in Republic of Tajikistan (Component C).

 In order to implement the Project the Executing Agency announces a competition for the position:

 Project Coordination Unit Assistant/Translator

 The main objective of this assignment is to assist the PCU in the translation of documents, reports, electronic messages into Russian and English; preparation of the Project progress reports; planning and organization of trainings; participation in the development of methods, programs and a schedule of trainings and study tours, organization of material and technical support for PCU employees, WB missions and international experts.



  1. Act as an interpreter on the meetings, receptions of foreign guests in PCU;
  2. Translate documents, reports, emails into Russian/English languages and keep copies of all correspondence in two languages;
  3. Act as secretary of the PCU reception fluent in English and Russian;
  4. Prepare a quarterly report on the implementation of Component С of the Project;
  5. Work and be responsible for implementation of trainings organization for the activities under Component С of the Project;
  6. Together with Technical Manager of the Project, assigned employees of the National Hydrometeorological Services, PCU and General Consultant, involved in Component С implementation;
  7. Participate in the analysis of information on needs of NHMS staff in training;
  8. Participate in development of methods, programs and schedule of training, using information on needs in training, identified before;
  9. Participate in training planning for the activities of Component С for various Project implementation stages;
  10. Participate in shaping suggestions regarding budget of the trainings for the activities of Component С;
  11. Gather and systematize information on the training and study tours results;
  12. Assure compliance with the established WB rules and regulations on preparation, agreement and approval of terms of reference for training;
  13. Be responsible for compliance of terms of reference for trainings to the plans and schedules of Project Implementation and summary tables of disbursement plan;
  14. Together with PCU procurement specialist participate in organization of process of training companies’ selection;
  15. Control the process of contract implementation and organize necessary organizational and other support to training companies;
  16. Organize logistics of PCU staff, WB missions and international experts’ travels;
  17. Follows the process of activities implementation on training and timely inform PCU Manager;
  18. Participate in preparation of the reports on Project Implementation regarding training part;
  19. Hold negotiations with hosting parties on terms of training, trainees and trainers placement, provide support with travel tickets and visa, organize airport pick up/drop off;
  20. Gather all reports, the outputs of contracts on training and assure appliance of the established approval procedures of the work results;
  21. Keep clerical work;
  22. Perform other tasks under the guidance of the PCU Manager.


 Higher education in relevant discipline;

  • At least three years of experience in international development organizations or projects coordination and management units funded by international donors and organizations as a translator or project assistant;
  • Strong professional written and oral knowledge of English, Tajik and Russian languages;
  • Experience in the field of interpretation at meetings, receptions of foreign guests;
  • Strong written and oral communication skills;
  • Computer skills with well-developed skills in working with Microsoft Office applications.

 PCU Assistant/Translator will be selected in accordance with procedures specified in the World Bank Guidelines “Procurements under investment projects funds” (issued in July 2016, supplemented and revised in November 2017 and August 2018).

 Interested candidates may receive additional information at the address below, during working hours (from 8.00 a.m. till 5.00 p.m.).

 Letter of the Expression of Interest, Curriculum Vitae (in English and Russian languages), copy of diploma, letters of recommendations indicating the contacts of recommended shall be submitted to the address below, at or before 5.00 p.m. local time February 4, 2022. 

 Expression of Interests submitted after the deadline indicated above will not be considered.

 Agency of Hydrometeorology

373 B. Gafurov str., Dushanbe, Republic of Tajikistan

Phone number: +992988930047



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