Project Coordination Unit Financial Management Specialist

Project Coordination Unit Financial Management Specialist

Project Name:

Central Asia Hydrometeorology Modernization Project (AF for CAHMP), Component C

Start Date:

Closing Date:

Source of funding:


10.02.2022, before 5 p.m., local time (GMT+5)

World Bank (WB)

Grant Number:

Grant D3620-TJ

Executing Agency:

Agency of Hydrometeorology 



Job Title: Project Coordination Unit Financial Management Specialist

Location: Dushanbe, Tajikistan

 Additional Financing for the Central Asia Hydrometeorology Modernization Project (AF for CAHMP), Grant D3620-TJ, is a continuation of the Central Asia Hydrometeorology Modernization Project to implement and expand activities related to the original Project. The AF CAHMP is regional and consists of three parts:

 (A) Regional Component (Component A) designed to strengthen the capacity in Central Asia for developing cooperation between participating NMHSs on the basis of EC-IFAS and its RCH, whose mandate is to promote cooperation and coordination between the national Hydromet agencies and facilitate integration of the network of CA Hydromet services; and two country-level components designed to improve capacity in the weakest NMHSs:

 (B) Improving hydrometeorological services in Republic of Kyrgyzstan (Component B); and

 (C) Improving hydrometeorological services in Republic of Tajikistan (Component C).

 In order to implement the Project the Executing Agency announces a competition for the position:

 Project Coordination Unit Financial Management Specialist

 The key objective of this assignment is to support Tajikhydromet and the PCU in the implementation of financial management functions in accordance with the provisions agreed in the Financial Agreement. Key activities include: providing support to Tajikhydromet and the PCU in developing an effective project accounting system, and, where applicable, preparing specifications and costing estimates for the purchase and installation of appropriate accounting software; maintaining a sound financial management system, including budgeting, accounting, reporting and internal control, as described in detail in the Project Operational Manual (see the sections on financial management and accounting). The Financial Management Specialist should develop a financial management and accounting system for the project that meets World Bank requirements and government financial regulations. The Financial Management Specialist should develop a reporting system that meets the reporting requirements of the Government and the World Bank and meets international standards.

 Scope of work:

 The principal responsibility of the Financial Management Specialist will be to assist the Head of the FED of the implementing agency (TajikHydromet) to establish and maintain effective financial management systems, including records and accounts, for the entity and project, including automated accounting system capable of generating financial statements in a format acceptable to the World Bank and the Government of Tajikistan, and adequate to reflect the operations, resources and expenditures related to project activities. This will, inter alia, include:

  1. assisting the Head of the FED to ensure that there is a fully operational and documented accounting and financial management system which includes proper accounting procedures and internal controls to ensure that the assets of the entities and project are properly safeguarded;
  2. ensure that all project accounts are maintained in accordance with the World Bank relevant guidelines and regulations;
  3. providing guidance and training to the Head of the FED and staff of the accounting department in the management of the entity and project resources, the maintenance of the projects’ accounting books and records and in ensuring that there is proper and adequate documentation to support all transactions;
  4. as appropriate, assist in the finalization of the records and accounts as well as the preparation of the financial statements in respect of the entity and project based on normal business transactions of the entities;
  5. assist in the finalization of the records and accounts as well as the design of the annual financial statements of the project in accordance with relevant accounting standards that are acceptable to the World Bank;
  6. assist the implementing agency to meet its financial management reporting obligations by producing appropriate accounting and financial management reports as required on a timely basis and sufficient in content to enable the authorities of the Government of Tajikistan and the World Bank to assess the financial position of the project, including the preparation of the Interim Financial Reports (IFR) as required under the project;
  7. monitoring of the payments under implementing contracts;
  8. monitoring and control of the project budget implementation (semi-annual and annual reports);
  9. provide guidance to the Head of the FED on the audit requirements of the World Bank, to ensure timely contracting of the project auditor under Terms of Reference satisfactory to the World Bank, and timely submission of audit reports to the Bank;
  10. assist the Head of the FED to develop procedures for:


(a)        Preparation of withdrawal applications, including for the replenishment of the designated accounts established for the project;           

(b)        Preparation of monthly reconciliation of the project records and bank accounts, and project records and Client Connection;

(c)        Preparation of annual estimates of the budget requirements for the implementation of the project, broken down by quarters and entered into the accounting system;

(d)       Preparation of documentation necessary for the preparation of Statement of Expenditure (SOE);

 provide required training to the accounting and financial management staff and identify training and other staff development needs and opportunities to develop the capacity of the staff so as to enable the staff to carry out the tasks during project implementation;

  1. the Financial Management Specialist shall pay close attention to elaboration of mechanisms for financial control to ensure an efficient and transparent accounting system, with clearly assigned responsibilities, checks, and efficient reporting system;
  2. prepare specifications and cost estimation to purchase and install appropriate accounting software;
  3. as a consultant advising implementing agencies on accounting and financial management requirements, participate in the World Bank's assessment mission.


 The Financial Management Specialist will report to and work under the supervision of Project Director. The Specialist will provide monthly activity reports in Tajik and Russian.

 Qualification Requirements:

 Master’s Degree in Finance, Economics, Accounting or similarly relevant discipline;

  • At least 3 years of relevant experience in accounting/financial management in accordance with the international standards and requirements of International Financial Institutions;
  • Experience with the World Bank financial management policies and other donor funded projects would be a significant advantage;
  • Proven knowledge and experience with the 1-C Enterprise Accounting Software and International Standards of Financial Reporting or International Public Sector Accounting Standards;
  • Sound knowledge of accounting and financial procedures, including practical knowledge of IFRS/IPSAS, Tajik Accounting and Tax regulations;
  • Proficiency in Computer software operations (MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint and Data-base management) and knowledge of working on accounting software;
  • Excellent knowledge of Tajik and Russian, and English is advantage;
  • Strong time management skills and demonstrated ability to meet deadlines; and
  • Ability to work in teams and communicate with others.

 PCU Financial Management Specialist will be selected in accordance with procedures specified in the World Bank Guidelines “Procurements under investment projects funds” (issued in July 2016, supplemented and revised in November 2017 and August 2018).


Interested candidates may receive additional information at the address below, during working hours (from 8.00 a.m. till 5.00 p.m.).

 Letter of the Expression of Interest, Curriculum Vitae (in English and Russian languages), copy of diploma, letters of recommendations indicating the contacts of recommended shall be submitted to the address below, at or before 5.00 p.m. local time February 10, 2022. 

 Expression of Interests submitted after the deadline indicated above will not be considered.

 Agency of Hydrometeorology

373 B. Gafurov str., Dushanbe, Republic of Tajikistan

Phone number: +992988930047






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