Weather forecast for Dushanbe

Monday, June 17th
Partly cloudy, Haze
Tuesday, June 18th
Partly cloudy, Haze
Wednesday, June 19th
Partly cloudy, Haze
Thursday, June 20th
Partly cloudy, Haze
Friday, June 21st
Partly cloudy, Haze

Weather forecast for Tajikistan

Dust and its effects on the body

How does dust affect health? Both chemical composition and particle size are important here. Large particles (larger than 5-10 µm) are usually retained in the upper respiratory tract, while smaller ones are able to penetrate into the lungs. Accumulating there, even chemically inert dust particles (e.g. quartz or coal dust) can cause micro-damage to lung tissues and cause chronic respiratory diseases. Long-term inflammatory reaction in the lungs ultimately affects the work of the heart, leading to the development of cardiovascular diseases. For this reason, in many countries there are standards for the content of medium-dispersed particles in the air (up to 2.5 or 10 µm), with more fine dust (up to 2.5 µm) considered to be more dangerous. The chemical composition of dust, including the presence of heavy metal compounds and toxic organic compounds, makes its "specificity" in the impact of dust on the human body.

The distribution of dust particles in the atmosphere depends on their size. Large particles and some medium-sized particles (larger than 1 µm) settle within a few hours or a few days and are therefore generally transported over relatively short distances (although in some cases they can travel hundreds of kilometres if the dust is at a considerable height). Smaller particles (highly dispersed fraction) can be retained in the atmosphere for up to 10-20 days and spread throughout the hemisphere during this time.

It is recommended that residents of the country take care of their health in case of high temperatures, dust and other pollutants.

Such natural phenomena can cause antiretroviral infection, stress, sensitivity, heart disease, blood vessels and so on.

In this case, unauthorized outdoor travel can have a negative impact on health.

If necessary, you need to use masks.

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Bohtar +34...+36°
Dangara +34...+36°
Darvoz +23...+25°
Jirgatal +21...+23°
Dushanbe +32...+34°
Kulob +33...+35°
Murgob +12...+14°
Penjikent +25...+27°
Panj +34...+36°
Rasht +24...+26°
Harog +22...+24°
Hovaling +21...+23°
Нujand +33...+35°



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